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Profile documents

The profile API allows clients to query and update documents. When a profile is requested, the client is provided with a (set of) document key(s). Keys can be used to download the document or as a signal to keep that specific document when updating a file based field in profile. The endpoint in this specific profile document API allows you to download documents that are available for the relation's profile.

Accept header for requests to Profile documents

application/vnd.procurios.profile+binary; version=1


GET /l/profile_api/document/05c68636-70db-4bc8-a80a-039076be4f1e

Download a document based on a document key that is provided in the "GET Profile" call. The document key is a GUID, and should be provided with the call like in the example above.


    "The file as binary data"

Requesting a document that you are not allowed to access


The document that you've requested is not or no longer available